Kind Words

When you have a car that's almost 50 yrs old & has original wiring, you're bound to have issues... After years of replacing this socket, that pigtail, wires hanging under the dash, this & that not working, & more dead batteries than you can imagine, enough was enough. Called Larry & had him pull all the old out & replace it with a new full harness from American Autowire from the fuse box out. 100A Alternator, New Haolgen bulbs, new gauges, & a stereo. A little leary at first becasue the interior was all new, but when he was done you couldn't tell anything was even touched. Nothing hanging loose under the dash, rear harness is perfect, & the underhood looked even better. Now I get in, turn the key, start it right up, & everything works perfectly.  Should have done it years ago. Thanks Larry for a great job. 

Jack Callahan, '69 Camaro

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